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The Adventure Tribune

The Adventure Tribune strives to make adventure accessible to everyone. We define adventure as any journey that we make in life, whether physical, personal, or
informational. We aim to produce content that allows our readers to seek adventure boldly in order for our readers to gain a deeper understanding about the world around them. The Adventure Tribune holds itself to the highest journalistic standards and ethics in order to foster confidence and trust between our staff and our readers. We encourage feedback and open dialogue in order to produce high-quality content that promotes adventure of all kinds.



This blog deals with travel, language, and cool people. I’m passionate about traveling and enjoy relating my experiences through writing. I’ve been to some amazing places and plan to explore as much of the world as I possibly can. Cruisin’s contents include travel stories, adventure tips, and profiles of interesting characters throughout the globe. I update it regularly, so check it out!


Food for Thought

This blog focuses on anything relating to food. I’m no cook, but I love to eat and try dishes from every culture I can. I’m a food enthusiast and watch food and travel shows regularly (Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, for example). The contents of Food for Thought will include my personal culinary experiences, cheap eats, and interesting food stories from across the globe. Scope it!


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