How Do Soccer Clubs Battle Racism?

By: Tom Malone

After last week’s devastating 4-0 loss, a group of FC Kaiserslautern fans gave Nazi salutes to an Israeli team member, sparking controversy across the German and global soccer communities. The salute occurred during practice by a ten alleged soccer hooligans who the club bans from games.

The leader of the German soccer federation spoke out against the action, condemning the fans who chose to break the law (as Nazi-related actions and symbols are illegal in Germany).

Unfortunately, racist acts like this occur far too often in the world of soccer. How do soccer leaders combat this atrocity?

In the past few years, FIFA launched its “Say No to Racism” campaign. Banners with the slogan hung from sidewalls during the 2010 World Cup, allowing the entire world to see the message. EA Sports added the banner to its increasingly popular FIFA video game franchise. The organization even used public service announcements during the global event.

FIFA President Joseph Blatter released public statements denouncing racist comments between players during matches in an effort to discourage this kind of behavior.

The continuation of the problem remains uncertain, but FIFA will combat racism into the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, especially if more situations like the FC Kaiserslautern one occur.

*Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune. For more from his adventures and research, visit the online magazine today for a free subscription.

**Originally published through Cruisin’

***Photo through Jadaliyya

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