NBA Dunk Contest Replaces Judges with Social Media

By: Tom Malone

The annual NBA All-Star Weekend commenced on Sunday with a West victory over the East, following the always highly-anticipated Dunk Contest. The Utah Jazz’s Jeremy Evans took home the trophy and a year’s worth of slam dunk bragging rights.

In past Dunk Contests, former players, coaches, and Dunk Contest champions sat in the judges’ chairs, ranking each dunk and determining the champion. Not this year!

The NBA decided to utilize the rising social media giant to crown the winner. Dunk Contest viewers and fans sent scores and votes through Twitter and website-voting, leaving former judges’ professional experience in the dust. The casual fan decided the fate of the next “Royal Airness.”

What a public relations idea by the NBA! Utilizing the power of social media to actively engage fans promoted every aspect of NBA All-Star Weekend and drew more fans through the use of technology.

Fans felt as if they participated in something bigger than simply watching their favorite dunks. They crowned the champion. Victory: NBA public relations squad.

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One Response to NBA Dunk Contest Replaces Judges with Social Media

  1. George says:

    This was big public relations move by the NBA to change the judging of the dunk contest in this manner. I also think it was great timing for such change because of the lack of quality of participants in the dunk contest this year. This move shows that the NBA is well aware of its situation and athletes. Because of number of injuries, shorten season, and lack of training camp for the players, the elite athletes like Blake Griffin had to sit out this years dunk contest and were replaced by lesser talent. The show must go on! So, the public relations organization of the NBA came up with a wonderful idea to involve the fans by allowing the them the freedom to judge the participants. To make it more exciting for next year, the NBA needs to bring back their expert judges and keep the online media judging by the fans. The fans can pick the winners of the contest and the judges can assist in more technical description of the dunks being performed by the participants. All in all, a great step in the right direction to make the dunk contest more exciting. But the main ingredient needed is, the fans want to see the best and exciting dunkers in the NBA perform. Let’s bring that back!

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