“Manning to Miami” Billboard Puts Trading Power in Fans’ Hands

By: Tom Malone

A few days ago, Miami Dolphins fans constructed a billboard advertisement with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in a Dolphins uniform with a headline that read “Manning to Miami”. The billboard publicizes ManningToMiami.com, a fan website encouraging the Dolphins franchise to trade for Manning, who recovered from neck injuries over the past five months.

Manning’s future with the Colts remains uncertain, as his trade status appears on SportsCenter almost daily. How can fan-based public relations efforts affect the future of the aging Super Bowl MVP?

Building support from a grassroots level can impact the Dolphins franchise to act. Public sentiment plays a huge role in NFL public relations, as a strong, increasing fan base brings the program more profit and exposure.

The media spotlights that the “Manning to Miami” billboard received helps the fans’ cause even more. SportsCenter aired a special about the advertisement, bringing the movement and the franchise into the national spotlight.

How will the Miami Dolphins executives respond to this growing fan noise surrounding Manning’s future?

*Photo by Alan Diaz, AP Photo

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