Jeremy Lin Boosts New York Knicks’ Image and Harvard’s Athletic Department Prowess

By: Tom Malone

Three weeks ago, no one knew about Jeremy Lin. As a leader on Harvard’s basketball team two years ago, he received no publicity through SportsCenter or Sports Illustrated. If any National Basketball Association fan picked him for an ESPN fantasy basketball team, I would be shocked.

Finally, New York Knicks Head Coach Mike D’Antoni called Lin’s number after a disheartening downward spiral of a record continued to get worse. Lin soared in every statistics category and led the Knicks to exciting victories, boosting their ratings.

Now, he plays in 100 percent of ESPN’s fantasy basketball leagues. He regularly appears on SportsCenter highlights. He put Harvard basketball back on the map. He reinvigorated fans’ passion for the Knicks and drew new people to the New York basketball market.

How can the Knicks franchise utilize public relations to enhance their place in NBA culture through the new Jeremy Lin phenomenon?

The distant future will depend on Lin’s consistency, but presently, he can utilize social media to build his brand. Twitter works for athletes like Dwight Howard. Why wouldn’t it work for Lin? Appearances in NBA commercials can cement his status as a New York star. An appearance in a SportsCenter commercial wouldn’t hurt either.

Every NBA franchise builds its brand through its star player(s). With strategic media exposure, Lin has unbounded potential, just like every other rising juggernaut had before him.

Lin’s future in the public eye remains uncertain, but the potential for the Knicks to sweep the country with a wave of Linsanity stands strong.

*Photo through USA Today. Video through

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2 Responses to Jeremy Lin Boosts New York Knicks’ Image and Harvard’s Athletic Department Prowess

  1. Mandy Drakeford says:

    Tom – Great post! Sports figures like Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow help build a brand. I’m sure Lin’s following on Twitter would grow quickly if he started using Twitter. I like your recommendations for Lin to build and his brand by using social media. Maybe he will take your suggestion!

  2. kristinzimber says:

    Do you believe that Jeremy Lin is only in the spotlight because he is an Asian-American with some talent? Do you think he is really as good as everyone is hyping him up to be? I have read a couple articles about Lin and have noticed the common theme is to talk specifically about his race. They often make racial jokes while applying puns to his name. I feel as if he is getting more attention because he is Asian-American and not because he is a skilled basketball player.

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