NBA Fit Campaign Proves Successful for League’s Image Boost

By: Tom Malone

Recently, the National Basketball Association increased promotion of its Fit program that encourages kids, adults, and families to boost physical fitness and increase healthy choices. The program serves as the health and activity portion of the NBA Cares organization. How has public relations enhanced this program’s promotion?

During this season’s televised games, some teams placed the NBA Fit logo directly on the court floor in place of typical corporate logos. Every person watching these nationally televised games saw the logo and recognized its connection to the league.

Throughout commercial breaks during these games, the NBA utilized the public service announcement as a tactic to increase awareness and participation in the various programs that NBA Fit offers.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke through the United States Department of Agriculture on public service announcements through the NBA Fit website. She boosted her efforts to promote healthy eating choices, using the USDA food pyramid as evidence for behavioral change. This enhances her image, the Obama administration’s image, and the USDA’s image. She serves as an opinion leader to further the NBA Fit campaign’s success.

NBA Fit’s Twitter account regularly tweets social enhancement messages, including essay contests, reading encouragement, and US military shout-outs. Overall, this campaign utilizes blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and social media to boost its reach.

The program’s success remains tough to grasp, but its recent push seems to be working to enhance the NBA’s image and increase fans’ overall health awareness.

*Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune. For more from his adventures and research, visit the online magazine today for a free subscription.

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