Brazil Invades Flavelas before 2014 World Cup

By: Tom Malone

In preparation for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro city officials occupied slums to enforce crime this summer. Police forces have raided these flavelas prior to and since these frequent summer raids. These highly publicized infiltrations enhance the location’s appeal to the wide audience that these events draw.

The reconstruction of flavela buildings across event-holding Brazilian cities appeared on newspaper and blog headlines for months. The country’s efforts reshape the image of these cities that could receive a lot of money from an economy boost through large crowds and advertisements.

How has this worked for cities in the past? Barcelona’s image before the 1992 Summer Olympics was shady at best. After the games, Barcelona maintained a strong economic standing and its image moved forward with a high-profile tourism focus.

Experts believe Brazil’s involvement in the World Cup will provide over 700,000 jobs and billions in economic movement. Prior World Cups in Germany and South Korea produced significant economic growth and naturally increased the countries’ image to the traveling public.

Through the television access that these events receive, cities and countries can publicize their image in any manner they can configure. Television specials on country highlights, well-functioning events, presentation of positive economic activity. Brazil faces back-to-back major world sporting events. The world will be its stage for a few years. If Brazil can present itself in the best possible manner, it can ridiculously boost its perception across the globe.

*Photos by Tom Malone

Also published on Cruisin

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